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Ortho IBT Resin.


Orthodontic resin finds a place in the dental sector with its strong mechanical properties and suitability for use. Also; preserves its stability in the mouth in the final product.

Dental Orthodontic Resin

Dental resin is used in many dental applications. These resins are available in a wide variety to be used for professional applications or for temporary applications at home. Depending on the properties of the resin, it is also possible to produce teeth with resin with the help of 3D printers. Simple-to-apply resin options are also possible, meaning that you can also solve your dental problem yourself at home. There are dental resin alternatives depending entirely on the patient’s preference or need. The purpose for which the end user chooses this product is important. The mouth and teeth are organs that directly affect the health and functioning of the whole body due to their ability to chew and prepare food for digestion. Keeping in mind that it is vital that the research on the resin applied to the tooth is done thoroughly and to get help from a professional when necessary. While you want to apply a wrongly chosen orthodontic resin yourself, you may find yourself in undesirable and irreversible situations. This will cause you more trouble later on and eventually you will have to seek professional help again.

Resin, as a material, can easily find use in many areas other than orthodontic applications. Color options close to natural tooth color are an important factor for these resins to be used in orthodontics. Also; It enriches the advantage of these color options with the advantages such as preserving the color tone over time and not getting yellowed easily and even being cleaned very easily. It is highly preferred in the dental world, especially for the patient’s own applications, due to its ease of application. Nevertheless, it cures in room conditions in a short time and TEMP temporary resin options are also available for sudden dental problems in any environment. One of the most common uses of orthodontic resin is 3D printer production applications. With the help of developing technology, dentists can perform these types of dental applications much faster than before. Both the developing orthodontic resin material technology and the developing machine and computer technology have provided us a rapid progress in this regard. Thanks to these developments in recent years, dentists can now produce temporary teeth in a short time like half an hour and apply it to the patient’s mouth for use. The patient’s mouth size can be measured in the most accurate way and temporary teeth or teeth suitable for this size are produced by using orthodontic resin.

Tooth Making with Orthodontic Resin

Tooth making with resin has been seen as an important advance in the dental world in recent years. The world of orthodontics has not remained indifferent to technological developments. With the advancing material technologies and the availability of new composite materials, it finds solutions for the comfort of patients. Orthodontic resin and mouth solutions are among them. 

Especially, chemical curing of resins makes them a popular material. The major disadvantage of such a system is that the practitioner has no chance of changing the processing time. Moreover, chemical curing composites require mixing of the two pastes, which can cause the addition of air bubbles to the material, resulting in lower mechanical properties. In the direct bonding technique, one of the resin applications for teeth, since the tooth structure has the ability to transmit visible light, the material is cured by direct illumination and transillumination from different directions under metal-based or ceramic brackets. The application of visible light acts as an instruction set to initiate polymerization and results in sufficient run time, allowing the clinician to properly position the brackets and remove excess in time. Composite resins currently available allow different types of activation.

The orthodontic resin composition is very similar to those used in restorative dentistry. An organic matrix consists of an inorganic filler content that covers approximately 77% of the initiators and their total weight.The filler content is responsible for the increase in the mechanical properties of the material such as strength and wear resistance. The fact that their composition is similar to those of composite resins used in restorative dentistry has led to the indication of low-viscosity flowable composites for bracket attachment instead of orthodontic resin. They get a lot of attention because of their clinical use characteristics, such as non-stickiness and liquid injectability. Their high fluidity can be an advantage for bracket attachment, as better adaptation is allowed in the anchorage and demineralized enamel areas.

In addition, flowable composites are generally cheaper than resin composites for orthodontics, and their low elasticity coefficients can act as an “elastic layer” that prevents stress concentration at the tooth / bracket interface during light activation and provides a better result. In addition to low viscosity composite resins, resin cements have recently been used as an adhesive for bonding brackets to the enamel surface. When light reaches the resin surface, free radical formation occurs and initiates the polymerization process.

Orthodontic Resin Models, Properties and Prices

Places that sell orthodontic resins should classify these resins according to their mechanical properties and places of use in the most accurate way. Because; The material and result performances of these resins vary according to their usage areas. It is possible to find all kinds of dental resins in many online stores, especially on the internet. You can also compare these orthodontic resin prices and choose the one that best fits your budget. It is recommended to make sure that the virtual stores you shop from are licensed to sell these dental products. If you have decided on a dental resin suitable for your budget, reading the user reviews of these products as the next step will shed light on the application. Although the resin you will use is good and successful, if you do not apply it correctly, the result you will get will not be as good as you expect. 

Model resins, for example, are a type of resin developed specifically for orthodontic applications, meaning that it is known as orthodontic resin. With this resin, it is possible to produce high-precision models, which allows the orthodontic product to be fully compatible with the patient’s mouth. Considering its mechanical properties, it is seen that it has high pressure resistance. Also; It also plays an important role in obtaining a smooth surface thanks to its fluidity and homogeneity. It is possible to find a certain reasonable price range among the dental resins according to their additional content.

TEMP temporary dental resins are another orthodontic alternative resin. These types of resins are preferred because of their compatibility with the human body and modeling. The end product produced with this resin does not cause any unwanted odor or taste. Color options compatible with the natural tooth color also increase the use of these resins. Also; It is a resin model suitable for use in 3D printers.

Another orthodontic solution used with resin is the resin produced with surgical guides. Implants are placed correctly in the mouth thanks to these guides, which are obtained by printing on a 3D printer. As can be seen, orthodontic resin applications respond to many dental problems, and thanks to the developments achieved over the years, these solutions come at a cost accessible by everyone.

Another solution that comes out as a dental resin application is prosthesis production. The palatal prostheses produced using orthodontic resin with 3D printers provide long-term color stability in the mouth. At the same time, the duration of these palates in the mouth is also smoothly long. 

While examining orthodontic resin prices, you should carefully search the usage areas of the resins. It is recommended to take a look at the mechanical and long-term results of the resin options that can be preferred according to the area of ​​use.